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Re: [RPRWG] New Performance Committee Guidelines available

Title: New Performance Committee Guidelines available

Thanks for your note and suggestion. Sorry for being late in responding. I agree with you and also agree that your suggestions are within the charter of the Performance Committee.

The published document summarizes the general recommendations that were agreed upon in the performance committee. A lot of the participants will remember the long nights that we spent discussing these points and ironing out disagreements. Several times the discussions went on till past midnight.
You're right that it can be extended to cover more specific items, including the suggestions that you made and others, but that would require more work and participation. Due to the late scheduling of the meetings, not enough people attended and therefore there was not a critical mass to achieve more of the objectives for the group including developing a set of definitive scenarios to run on the different media access algorithms.
For now, as I announced in the November meeting, we agreed to put the performance committee into hibernation till/if the services of the committee are needed again. However, to follow through on your suggestion, I will put together a set of more explicit simulation scenarios that demonstrate some worst case scenarios. I'll plan on presenting it to the WG in the coming meeting and would like to get feedback from the WG on additional scenarios to add to the list. As specific worst case traffic patterns are uncovered for candidate algorithms they should be added to the list. I will compile the list based on the feedback and will present these to the WG at the next meeting.
Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
Best regards,
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Subject: RE: [RPRWG] New Performance Committee Guidelines available

I just went through the document and liked the thorough
documentation of the various metrics that one needs to
consider.  I would, however, have liked to see some fixed
set of topologies/flows on which to run simulations.  For
example, having something like a ring with 6 or 8 nodes,
specifying the speed/length of the segments, and
specifying the traffic flows between each of the nodes
(both endpoints and characteristics).  The expected results
in terms of throughput, etc. should also be specified.
In some sense, it involves taking what we think are the
requirements and building a network topology on which
to test it.
Would you consider something like this to be within the
charter of the Performance Committee?
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Subject: RE: [RPRWG] New Performance Committee Guidelines available

The link below is wrong, please try:
Sorry for the inconvenience,
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Subject: [RPRWG] New Performance Committee Guidelines available

At Khaled's request, I have placed a file on the Performance Committee page entitled Performance_Committee_Guidelines1_0.pdf.  If you are involved in performance simulations, it may be of interest to you.

You may access it directly by clicking the following link:

Please forward your comments/questions directly to Khaled. (amer@xxxxxxxxxxx)

Happy simulating...