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RE: [RPRWG] Announcement of opening of 802.17 D0_2 Working Group Comment Period

Title: Announcement of opening of 802.17 D0_2 Working Group Comment Period
I didn't receive the original annoucement sent by John Hawkins that
was sent to the 802.17 reflector.  Did this happen to anyone else?
-----Original Message-----
From: Robert D. Love [mailto:rdlove@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 6:43 AM
To: Alexander, Tom; stds-802-17@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RPRWG] Announcement of opening of 802.17 D0_2 Working Group Comment Period

For the benefit of the Chief editor and all Working Group members planning on participating in this comment cycle I have a request to make of our Chief Editor.
The Ballot instructions describe the following steps:
2) Comments entered into the CRD are collected and exported to the Chief Editor
3) The Chief Editor accumulates the comments and periodically updates the CRD, posting the comments on the web site
It would be helpful to give us a time frame for getting our first round of comments in knowing that there will be time to post those comments to the website prior to the close of the comment period. 
Tom, please provide us with a timeline, i.e. a cutoff for submitting our first round of comments, and the date you expect to post the first round of comments to the website.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Robert D. Love
President, Resilient Packet Ring Alliance
President, LAN Connect Consultants
7105 Leveret Circle     Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: 919 848-6773       Mobile: 919 810-7816
email: rdlove@xxxxxxxx          Fax: 208 978-1187
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 11:11 PM
Subject: [RPRWG] Announcement of opening of 802.17 D0_2 Working Group Comment Period

Announcement of opening of 802.17 Working Group Comment Period

Dear IEEE 802.17 Working Group Member:

This e-mail is to advise you of the opening of the IEEE 802.17 Working Group
review for IEEE P802.17 (Resilient Packet Ring), Draft 0.2, otherwise known as:

Information Technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between
systems - Local & Metropolitan Area Networks - Specific requirements -
Resilient Packet Ring Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications

The comment period opens on Wednesday, 17 April 2002 and closes on Sunday,
28th April 2002 at 12:00 midnight Pacific time.

on the document) that you may submit along with your comments will not be
considered at this point. You are encouraged to submit a "vote", however, so
that we can ensure that the process is functional and can work out possible
bugs in the process prior to the start of actual voting. Voting on the
document will begin when the WG ballot cycle begins in mid-2002. Until then,
only comments on the draft contents will be considered. All properly
submitted comments will be resolved during the March 2002 Plenary meeting
in St. Louis, MO.

A copy of this draft can be found on our password-protected website:

The draft is posted in Adobe "pdf" document format and can be viewed online,
or downloaded and printed. You will need a copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader
(4.0 or higher) to view or print the draft. This software is available for
free downloading from Adobe at:
The draft prints out as 250 paper pages.

This draft is copyrighted by the IEEE and is for your review for balloting
purposes only. It should not be copied or otherwise distributed.

The ballot/comment executable and instructions are also available at:

The comment executable is designed for systems capable of running Windows
based programs (MAC to follow soon). Please read the comment instructions carefully.

Please submit comments (i.e., the output of your comment executable)
electronically to Tom Alexander at:

If you should have any questions, problems or comments please contact:
        Mike Takefman
        Chair, IEEE 802.17 Working Group
        Office: 613-271-3399 Fax: 613-271-3333
        Tom Alexander
        Chief Editor, IEEE 802.17 Working Group
        Office: 503-431-7303 Fax: 503-431-7400
If you should have questions or issues regarding the files as posted, please copy the webmaster at:
        John Hawkins
        Office: 770-708-7375
According to the RPR Working Group ballot process, official ballots will only
be accepted from voting members of the 802.17 Working Group. The draft is also,
however, being circulated to those who have been participating in the
standardization process who are not members of the Working Group in order to
provide a wide review of the document and to solicit comments.
You should also be aware that Technical-Binding (TB) comments are not required
to be tracked amongst non-Working Group members. If a TB is entered by a person
who is not a Working Group member, and this person is not at attendance and
readily available at the interim meeting to review the Working Group's response,
we will not obligate the editors or staff of 802.17 to track down the commenter
and obtain the sign-off.

Best Regards,

Mike Takefman
Chair, IEEE 802.17 Working Group
Office: 613-271-3399 Fax: 613-271-3333