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RE: [RPRWG] Announcement of opening of 802.17 D0_2 Working Group Comment Period

Title: Announcement of opening of 802.17 D0_2 Working Group Comment Period
Apologies for the delay. I was out of town for a few days.
You make a good point. During the last cycle it was not possible to post comments
for review and response prior to the closing of the comment period, as virtually all of
the comments came in a couple of days before the comment period was due to end,
which in turn was a short time before the actual meeting. This time, however, I
have set the end of the comment period to end a week before the meeting, so we
should have more time to review the comments and propose resolutions.
Currently, the only dates are: closing of comment period on April 28th (i.e., no more
NEW comments will be accepted after that, only proposed resolutions to existing
comments); posting of comments to the web on the 29th; then about 1 week for the
proposed resolutions from the WG and editors; and finally the entire comment
database being finally frozen on May 4th in preparation for the meeting.
However, an intermediate date would be helpful in encouraging people to submit their
comments early so that others can review them and propose resolutions. Therefore,
here is a revised timeline:
    - Comment period opened April 17th
    - First round of comments to be submitted by April 23rd, to be posted on/before April 24th
    - Comment period closes April 28th
    - Full comment database to be posted on April 29th
    - Final CRD with all responses received to date to be posted on May 4th
If less than 20 comments are received by April 23rd, then it makes very little sense to
have a first round posting (I may elect to simply mail the comments received to date,
if any, to the reflector). Therefore, get your comments in before April 23rd!
Best regards,
- Tom
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Subject: Re: [RPRWG] Announcement of opening of 802.17 D0_2 Working Group Comment Period

For the benefit of the Chief editor and all Working Group members planning on participating in this comment cycle I have a request to make of our Chief Editor.
The Ballot instructions describe the following steps:
2) Comments entered into the CRD are collected and exported to the Chief Editor
3) The Chief Editor accumulates the comments and periodically updates the CRD, posting the comments on the web site
It would be helpful to give us a time frame for getting our first round of comments in knowing that there will be time to post those comments to the website prior to the close of the comment period. 
Tom, please provide us with a timeline, i.e. a cutoff for submitting our first round of comments, and the date you expect to post the first round of comments to the website.
Thank you.
Best regards,
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