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RPRWG: Physical Ad Hoc (PAH)

Attached please find a problem description for frequency equalization which was described in annex B of D0.1. During the last comment resolution, the group decided to get a more accurate description.

Attached is my attempt to identify the problem:

We solicit inputs at the next interim meeting.

I've also attached some comment from Rhett.




Comments from Rhett:
- Do we all agree that the intent of Annex B is to perform clock rate adaptation between stations? (as opposed to the timing transfer that has been suggested by some)

- Is the Annex B function a MAC or RS function?
- Does this function exist if a synchronous implementation is used? (ie, is it normative, or can it be skipped for a synchronous SONET network)

- Is the MAC aware of physical layer speeds, or the speed difference between RX and TX ports?
- How does this function interoperate with byte-stuffing in HDLC-like framing?
- Does this function interoperate or is it related to fairness or number/size of transit buffers?