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Re: [802.3_GEPOF] IEEE 802.3 Gigabit over POF Study Group

I'll reinforce Ruben's request to attend the San Diego meeting in July.  To clarify the schedule though, the study group meeting time during a plenary is Tuesday, Wednesday and the morning on Thursday.  Obviously we will only meet as long as required to complete our business.  As Ruben indicates, presentations he lists below are appropriate.  We can also hear technical presentations on potential solutions.  (We will not be able to pick any solutions until a project is proposed, but we can still consider technical issues.  They do relate to technical feasibility.) 

The important votes in 802.3 occur Thursday afternoon.  IEEE 802.3 consideration of our PAR, CSD and Objectives will occur late in the Thursday agenda.  Unlike in our study group, only 802.3 voting members will be able to vote on the motions during that Thursday afternoon.  Typically, anyone attending can speak during the meeting though, so if you want to express support for any of the motions, you would be able to do so.  

If you are not yet an 802.3 voter the requirements can be found at:  If you attended (and signed in) an 802.3 TF or SG meeting two days during the Norfolk meetings, and previously attended and signed in to 802.3 at a plenary meeting (e.g., Beijing), you will be qualified to become a voting member.  In addition, to become a voting member, you must request to do so during the agenda item for that during the Monday afternoon opening 802.3 plenary or Thursday afternoon 802.3 plenary.  That agenda item occurs early in the agenda on those days.

Look forward to seeing you in San Diego.


On May 21, 2014, at 5:57 AM, Rubén Pérez-Aranda wrote:

Dear all,

As you now, we have started the study group during the Norfolk meeting last week. Good presentations where shown. Please visit for the agreed objectives of the group and the five criteria. You can also go into the Public area to see the PPTs.

We decided to vote the creation of the Task Force during the next plenary meeting in San Diego on July. Please see bellow Bob Grow message. Early registration finish this week.

I encourage you to attend that meeting, and to present any contribution you may have. Voting will be done on Tuesday, and we need to tell the voters about our needs and interests, during that session.

Needed presentation are:
    + More use cases in automotive, Home Network, Industrial, etc
    + Change in objectives if any: BER, latency, lengths, and in-line connectors.
    + Broad market potential: explain the need and the plans to use the technology
    + Others

Do not hesitate to contact to Carlos, Bob Grow or me for any further question.

Best regards,

Rubén Pérez de Aranda Alonso
KDPOF - Knowledge Development for POF


Please note that the early registration deadline for the July plenary meeting is this Friday.  After 6:00 pm USA Pacific Time on May 23, the registration fee will increase.  You can find meeting information at: 

Bob Grow
Chair, GEPOF study group