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Re: [802.3_GEPOF] Rollup of IEEE Std 802.3bv into proposed new revision draft

Dear Bob-san, Rubén-san and all,

I agree with Rubén-san.  Moreover, IEC 60793-1-41:2001 (ed.1) specifies wavelength of the light source as 800 to 900 nm or 1200 to 1350 nm therefore GEPOF shall refer to 60793-1-41:2010 (the latest edition).
I wonder why the footnote to Table 52‐25 (Section 4 , page 610, line 28) refers to the first edition of the IEC specification. 
I think that it is better to delete the publication year from IEC references; it means that we always refer to the latest edition.

Best regards,


2017/06/11 2:56、Rubén Pérez-Aranda <rubenpda@xxxxxxxxx> のメール:

Dear all,

I have reviewed this change made in the merge of 802.3bv into Std 802.3. In my opinion, the change is correct and I expected it.

This topic was addressed during 802.3bv TF meeting in Macau, last year, if I remember well. The clause 115 does a reference 
to the IEC 60793-1-41:2010 norm for the measurement methodology of the fiber optic channel transfer function. However, none of the 
launching conditions described in the IEC 60793-1-41:2010 norm are used for transfer function measurement. IEEE Std 802.3bv specifies 
the launching condition (MPD) based on EAF per  IEC 61300-3-53. 

On the other hand, the clause 52 provides a reference to the same norm IEC 60793-1-41 for the specification of the overfilled launch 

The 802.3bv TF reviewed both IEC 60793-1-41:2001 and IEC 60793-1-41:2010 in Macau meeting, and we concluded that the specification 
of the measurement method for transfer function is much more clear and exact in the 2010 edition. This was the reason why the TF included 
in subclause 1.3 the normative reference to IEC 60793-1-41:2010 despite the 2001 edition was already included in Std 802.3.


Rubén Pérez-Aranda
802.3bv Editor / Comment Editor

El 2017 jun10, a las 1:26, ROBERT GROW <bobgrow@xxxxxxx> escribió:


I have been reviewing the merge of all approved amendments into Std 802.3.  There is one note about this new draft for P802.3 revision that I need help with.  The following note accompanied describes the issue.

As IEC 60793141:2001 is already present in 1.3, the addition of IEC 60793141:2010 would make the reference ambiguous. "IEC 60793141" changed to "IEC 60793141:2001" in footnote d to Table 5225 (Section 4 , page 610, line 28). "IEC 60793141" changed to "IEC 60793141:2010" in 115.7.5 (Section 7, page 884, line 10) and in 115.14.11 (Section 7, page 908, line 33).

Do I remember correctly that this will be a problem?  (Are the specifications in 2010 different than those in 2001?)


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