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Re: [802.3_YANG] YANGsters discussion on Git Structure


If it helps, we did something similar in MEF, except maybe the use of 'standard' instead of 'published '. We also did not have different WG to deal with so everything was either under 'draft' or 'standard'.  From a YANG perspective it is easier if everything is in the same directory, specially if there is dependency between models. 


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On Jul 10, 2018, at 10:16 AM, Scott Mansfield <scott.mansfield@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

At the YANGsters gathering on Monday evening, a discussion on the structure of the YANG Catalog was discussed.  There was consensus on moving to a new configuration related to the standards branch.  I would like to ensure my understanding of the structure is correct and introduce a change to the experimental branch as well (to align with how other standards groups are using the experimental branch).


The new suggested structure of the standard branch for IEEE is:

  • yang/standard/ieee
    • draft
      • 802
      • 802.1
      • 802.3
    • published
      • 802
      • 802.1
      • 802.3


Previously there was no specific branch called published.  When an IEEE Standard is published that contains YANG module(s), the YANG modules contained in that IEEE Standard are moved from the draft branch to the published branch.  In this structure if someone is looking for standard published modules related to IEEE 802.1, the path would be yang/standard/ieee/published/802.1.  This structure keeps all published modules in a common branch.


We didn’t spend much time on the experimental branch, so I would like to suggest the following.  Since the branch is experimental, it would be better not to have study group specific branches under experimental.  Both IETF and BBF have the experimental directory as one flat branch.  This helps indicate that the work here is not officially sanctioned by any working group.


So the structure would simply be…   yang/experimental/ieee


Please consider this new structure and provide comments.




Scott Mansfield

Ericsson Inc.

+1 724 931 9316


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