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Re: [802.3_YANG] update- YANG module compilation issues

Hi Mark,

On Oct 30, 2018, at 4:59 PM, Mark Ellison <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Working with the set of IEEE 802 YANG modules currently in github as of today (10/30/2018)


The ieee802-ethernet-link-oam.yang errors that had been flagged during Yumadump-pro validation were due to a defect in the validator.  This has been corrected in Yumadump-pro.  (Mandatory objects are allowed in a conditional augment statement.)


The ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang module is flagged during yanglint validation:
warn: Schema node "type" not found (deref(.)/../type) with context node "/ieee802-dot1ab-lldp:lldp/port/name".
warn: Schema node "type" not found (deref(.)/../type = 'iana-if-type:ethernetCsmacd' or deref(.)/../type) with context node "/ieee802-dot1ab-lldp:lldp/port/name".

If we could review the following change, which appears to resolve the validation warning.  However, I would like confirmation that the change will follow the intent of the model as designed.  FYI- I did not see any other yang module under <github>/Yangmodels/standard/ that uses the deref() function.

deref() is part of YANG 1.1 specification in RFC 7950. 

[ellison@c30 draft]$ diff ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang.ORIG ieee802-dot1ab-lldp-FIX.yang 
<         type if:interface-ref;
<         must "deref(.)/../type = 'ianaift:ethernetCsmacd'" 
<            + " or deref(.)/../type = 'ianaift:ieee8023adLag'" {
>        type if:interface-ref;
>        must "/if:interfaces/if:interface[if:name=current()]/if:type = 'ianaift:ethernetCsmacd'" 
>           + " or /if:interfaces/if:interface[if:name=current()]/if:type = 'ianaift:ieee8023adLag'" {

There remains an issue with the ieee802-dot1q-ats YANG module:

output from Yumadump-pro validation:

Error: Mandatory object 'shaper-ref' not allowed in external augment statement
ieee802-dot1q-ats.yang:76.5: error(335): mandatory object not allowed

RFC 7950 allows a _conditionally_ mandatory node in an 'augment', but 'shaper-ref' nor the 'augment' is conditional.  Is there some condition that should  be in place on this portion of the model?



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