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Re: [802.3_YANG] update- YANG module compilation issues

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for this reply- below, are some some additional observation into the ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang deref() issue and assorted YANG compilers- suggested next steps are encouraged.

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 9:21 PM Mahesh Jethanandani <mjethanandani@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Mark,

On Oct 30, 2018, at 4:59 PM, Mark Ellison <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


The ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang module is flagged during yanglint validation:
warn: Schema node "type" not found (deref(.)/../type) with context node "/ieee802-dot1ab-lldp:lldp/port/name".
warn: Schema node "type" not found (deref(.)/../type = 'iana-if-type:ethernetCsmacd' or deref(.)/../type) with context node "/ieee802-dot1ab-lldp:lldp/port/name".

If we could review the following change, which appears to resolve the validation warning.  However, I would like confirmation that the change will follow the intent of the model as designed.  FYI- I did not see any other yang module under <github>/Yangmodels/standard/ that uses the deref() function.

deref() is part of YANG 1.1 specification in RFC 7950. 

I was under the impression that yanglint supported RFC 7950, as the on github states, "Current implementation covers YANG 1.0 (RFC 6020) as well as YANG 1.1 (RFC 7950).". 

The yangdump-pro tool also raises a warning related to deref(), as follows:

Validation results for ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang
Warning: Module 'iana-if-type' not used
ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang:14.3: warning(1015): import not used

So, there appears to be an issue with how yangdump-pro is handling deref() as well.

For pyang (v 1.7.5), I relied on a compilation report (, with the warning:

ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang:14: warning: imported module iana-if-type not used
ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang:761: warning: Searching for "{}" in leaf or leaf-list statement "{}". Leaf or leaf-list statement does not contain any children

While composing this reply, I tried a local copy of pyang (also v 1.7.5) and was unable to recreate the above warning.  So, at least my local copy of pyang likes deref() and can see the use of the imported iana-if-type.

Trying confd-6.7 (via, the following warning is raised:

ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang:760: warning: The 'must' _expression_ should have a tailf:dependency. If is doesn't, it will be checked for every commit.

So it also appears that deref() is not cleanly parsed by Confdc.

[ellison@c30 draft]$ diff ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang.ORIG ieee802-dot1ab-lldp-FIX.yang 
<         type if:interface-ref;
<         must "deref(.)/../type = 'ianaift:ethernetCsmacd'" 
<            + " or deref(.)/../type = 'ianaift:ieee8023adLag'" {
>        type if:interface-ref;
>        must "/if:interfaces/if:interface[if:name=current()]/if:type = 'ianaift:ethernetCsmacd'" 
>           + " or /if:interfaces/if:interface[if:name=current()]/if:type = 'ianaift:ieee8023adLag'" {


I am happy to take next steps- is it reasonable to open a ticket with these YANG tools regarding current parsing behavior of deref()?



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