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YANGsters meeting minutes week 22 (26 May)

YANGsters Weekly Telephone Conference



2020-05-26 (week 22)

10 a.m. – 11 a.m. (Eastern Time)


  • Stephan Kehrer (Hirschmann Automation and Control, Inc.)
  • Scott Mansfield (Telefon AB LM Ericsson)
  • Don Fedyk (LabN Consulting)
  • Glenn Parsons (Ericsson AB)
  • Marc Holness (Ciena)
  • Mark Ellison (Independent)
  • Paul Congdon (Huawei Technologies Co., Lrd
  • William Zhao (Siemens AG)


  • Agenda bash
  • Update on Hot Issues
    • Active
      • Semantics of read-write in YANG
        • The “config true” statement has been used in the past to express that an object is read-write. This is not necessarily the right way to indicate if something is read-write or not.
        • There will be information on the usage of YANG mechanisms to model read-write access in YANG.
        • An open point for discussion is if this needs to result in guidelines for modelling for 802.1 documents at some point.
        • Action item:  Scott to summarize and coordinate discussion.
      • LLDP TLVs
        • Action item: Scott to provide the remaining sets to Paul.
      • Press Release Discussion
        • No update this week
      • IEEE P802f Update
        • Action item: Marc is working on first draft of text
        • Provide 802.1’s recommended additions to the RAC Ethertypes database
        • Provide a tool to generate the YANG
        • Provide 802.1’s recommendation on how to handle sub-sets of Ethertypes
      • YANG Revision Update
        • No update this week
      • MAC Address Format
        • Coordination meeting is being scheduled in June 2020
      • Use of Git workflow document created
        • Comments are currently being resolved, updates coming soon
        • Information for the format of YANG file encoding should be added.
        • Action item: Scott to finish draft and present
  • Continue Maintenance/Guidelines Discussion
  • Any Other Business
    • Tooling
      • Tooling for validation of YANG module correctness should be discussed so a common approach for validation is used by 802.1 YANG editors.
      • Don Fedyk mentioned a discussion with an IETF colleague regarding the use of yanglint for testing of xpath _expression_ correctness.
      • The YANGcatalog uses the following tools: yanglint, yangdump-pro, pyang, confd
      • Action item: Update the YANGsters page to include more information on the existing tools (e.g. YUMA 123, yanglint, guidance on pyang, …)
    • No other business.


Next meeting is 2 June 2020.  Agenda and dial-in:




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