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YANGsters Minutes Week 23 2020

YANGsters Weekly Telephone Conference



2020-06-02 (week 23)

10 a.m. – 11 a.m. (Eastern Time)


  • Stephan Kehrer (Hirschmann Automation and Control, Inc.)
  • Scott Mansfield (Telefon AB LM Ericsson)
  • Johannes Specht (University of Duisburg-Essen)
  • Don Fedyk (LabN Consulting)
  • Mark Ellison
  • Paul Congdon (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd)
  • William Zhao (Siemens AG)


  • Agenda bash
  • New Issues
    • Format of YANG files in the repository
      • At the last YANGsters call a problem was mentioned that when getting files from the repository certain characters (e.g new lines) do sometimes appear in the wrong format.
    • Pretty Printing
      • There is a command line option in pyang to pretty print:
        • pyang –f yang
      • Presentation of a tool developed by Johannes Specht
        • Java command line tool to format YANG files
        • Can correct indentations, line-wrapping
        • Allows for Syntax highlighting in IEEE 802Stds drafts for easier review
        • Generates Framemaker MIF that can then be imported.
        • Currently in development in the tool: diff indications in the generated MIF file
        • For now the proposal by Johannes Specht is as follows:
          • provide the tool to YANG editors on request (please request via email from Johannes)
          • fix errors based on feedback by editors
          • collect feature and change requests from the editors
    • Diff Marks in YANG and MIB
      • A quick overview was provided how to do diff markings in Unix
    • Update on Tooling Guidance
      • A summary of the tools will be provided and can then be discussed.
  • Update on Hot Issues
    • Active
      • Semantics of read-write in YANG
      • LLDP TLVs
      • Press Release Discussion
      • IEEE P802f Update
      • YANG Revision Update
      • MAC Address Format
        • Coordination meeting 15 June 2020
      • Use of Git workflow document created
        • Comments are currently being resolved, updates coming soon
  • Continue Maintenance/Guidelines Discussion
  • Any Other Business
    • No other business.

Next Call 9 June 2020:

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