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[802.3_NGAUTO] All P802.3ch D2.0 Comment proposed responses now available

Dear NGAUTO participants,

Proposed responses for comments on D2.0 are now posted to the website.

They can be found at, in the usual sorts (by ID, Page/Line, Clause/Subclause, and by Topic) as reports, and in the excel spreadsheet format.

The "EZ bucket", expected to be accepted by a single motion without review in Vienna, was posted on July 6th.  As a reminder, the deadline for requesting comments be removed from the EZ bucket is 3 pm EDT on Friday, July 12th. Pleas honor this deadline as the Editor has final reports to produce and will be traveling.

The "EZ2 bucket" has been created from some of the comments already pulled from the "EZ bucket" due to minor changes that were needed.  This bucket includes updated "proposed responses" that are not in any of the other comment files. These comments are expected to be accepted by a single motion without review in Vienna.  If you want a comment removed from the "EZ2 bucket", please send a request to the reflector by 3 pm EDT on Friday, July 12th.

All comment files will be updated on July 12 after the deadline for pulling comments from the buckets expires.

Please take some time to carefully review the proposed responses to all comments prior to our meeting in Vienna to ensure our meeting runs smoothly.  This will enable us to create the best possible specification and reduce rework in future drafts.


Natalie Wienckowski, General Motors
P802.3ch Chief Editor

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