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Based on inputs from Bill Lidinsky, Tony Jeffree, Hal Keen. If there are
additional comments, let's discuss in Montreal.

PAR Numbering for 802

1) Standard 802 provides the basic architecture for 802 standards. As such,
there is no number or letter suffix. There is currently a revision PAR, 802Rev
that is updating this standard.

1.1 Notes:

1.2) Examples
1.2a) 802 - This is the IEEE 802 Standard: Overview and Architecture

2) Working Groups will utilize PAR numbers as 802.nx where:
n - the number assigned to the Working Group
x - a lower case letter assigned to each supplement or corrigenda.

2.1) Notes:
2.1a) After x goes to z, the next PAR is 802.naa,, etc.
2.1b) In general, the base working group standard, 802.n eventually includes
supplements and corrigenda.
2.1c) Revisions are numbered as 802.nRevm, where m is the revision update
number. In some cases, a Revision is started as a supplement, then becomes a
revision, so the initial letter designation holds.

2.2) Examples
2.2a) 802.5v - This is a supplement to 802.5 Token Ring MAC standard.
2.2b) 802.3ab - This is a supplement to 802.3 CSMA/CD MAC standard.
2.2c) 802.5Rev2 - Second revision to 802.5 Token Ring Mac standard.

3) In the case of 802.1, which is for higher layer protocols above the MAC,
multiple separate standards and associated supplements are produced. There is
no standard, 802.1. The mehtod to identify whether a project is a supplement or
a standard is under study, as the lower/upper case designation has been

3.1) Notes
3.1a) In the past, a lower case letter was assigned to a supplement or
corrigenda and an upper case letter was assigned to a standard. This small and
capital letter use is VERY confusing and a better method is under study since
some computer type fonts do not distinguish between capitalization.

3.2) Example:
3.2a) 802.1D - MAC Bridge Standard
3.2b) 802.1p - Supplement to 802.1D for Priority Control operation.

3.3) The following are the separate standards within 802.1:
802.1B - LAN/MAN Management
802.1D - MAC Bridges
802.1E - System Load Protocol
802.1F - Common Definitions and Procedures for IEEE 802 Management Information
802.1G - Remote MAC Bridging
802.1H - Recommended Practice for MAC Bridging on Ethernet Version 2.0 in 802
802.1Q - Virtual LANs

4) In some cases, where the project will be a supplement of 802.1D or 802.1Q,
but the project deals totally with a single MAC protocol, the project number is
802.nx, as defined in the relevant working group.

4.1) Notes:

4.2) Examples:
4.2a) 802.5x - Supplement to 802.1Q for Token Ring MAC (802.5) VLANS.

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