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RE: Straw Poll for Millenium Medal

Certainly you have heard (or is it seen?) about it.  You just weren't paying
close enough attention.  The original request for nominations from the
Standards Office which Jim forwarded to the Exec was addressed to Working
Group Chairs among others.  That request was also sent to the Working Group
Chair mail list so I and presumably the other working group chairs got the
request directly.  I see nothing in the initial mailing that suggests that
SCC's make all the nominations.  Actually, nothing indicates any limit on
who may make nominations.

Frankly, I think we are making a mistake to artificially try to limit the
number of nominations we make.  Even if there are a limited number of medals
to go around, we should make nominations of the worthy and leave it to the
selection committee to choose among them rather than generate strife by
putting a limitation on ourselves.  I doubt that 802 will get fewer medals
by submitting more nominees and others may not get around to making
nominations so we might get more.  

I do agree with Tony that we should make some group nominations but do we
have volunteers to write them up?  We should remember that since the early
80's LANs have gone from a tool at the highest tech research labs to
something so ubiquitous in businesses and education that colleges plan dorms
with "a drop per pillow."


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Pat,  If such an expectation exists, I have heard nothing about it at all.
That's why I'm blowing the whistle!  We need to follow through with some
additional (non-SEC) nominations.  Jim, can I make an official motion on
Thanx,  Buzz
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