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Comments on 8802-1, 3rd Edition

I feel our response to this ballot should be DISAPPROVE.  The number of
editorial corrections and changes seem to warrant another ballot go around.

If 8802-1 is to be identified as a TR, then its title should be changed
from "Specific Requirements" to "Technical Reports and Guidelines".

1)  Contents --- generate a new Contents to correctly list the 4.2 items,
and to delete "Annex A".

2)  1. Scope :
     - 1st par --- insert "MAC" after "48-bit", and
     - 2nd par --- insert "MAC" before "technologies".

3)  2. References:
     - General --- should be listed in ascending numerical order for ease
of access,
     - 4th par --- delete "end",
     - 8th par --- insert ":" after "Part 6",
     - 9th par --- insert "sublayer? after "(MAC)"; and change "layers" to
     - 10 par --- change "8802-9" to "8802-11"; and lower case "medium
access control" and "physical layer",
     - 11th par --- insert ":" after "Part 12",
     - 22nd par --- lower case "group" and "addresses",
     - 23rd par --- delete "end",
     - 24th par --- delete "end", and
     - 26th par --- change "Technology" to "technology".

4)  3. Abbreviations, FDDI --- insert "-" after "Fibre".

5)  4.2.1  CSMA/CD, 2nd par --- change "-100BASE-T" to "100BASE-T".

6)  4.2.5  Integrated Services LAN Interface, 1st par, last sentence ---
insert "network" after "FDDI".

7)  4.2.8  Fibre-Distributed Data Interface, 2nd par, 1st sentence ---
change "between the PMD and the Data Link Layer ( the MAC)" to "between the
PMD and the MAC sublayer in the Data Link Layer".

8)  4.3  Cabling Aspects, last sentence --- change "International standard"
to "International Standard".

9)  5.1  Introduction, last sentence --- change to read:  "The Data Link
Layer is therefore refined to show a Medium Access Control Sublayer and a
Logical Link Control Sublayer.".

10)  6.2.2  Acknowledged Connectionless- mode Service, last sentence ---
change "No distinct definition-
---" to "no distinct MAC Service definition ---".

11)  6.4  Standard Group MAC Addresses:
     - 1st sentence --- change "published Standard" to "published
International Standard",
     - 1st sentence --- change "10038" to "15802-3", and 
     - 3rd sentence --- change " in use in Standards" to "in use in
Internatinal Standards".

12)  7.1  Provision and Support of the LLC Services:
     - 1st par, 2nd sentence --- change "definition is interpersed" to
     - 1st par, last sentence --- insert "MAC" after "particular",
     - 2nd par --- delete the 2nd sentence since it is covered in 5.2,
     - 2nd par, last sentence --- change "from the Data Link Service
described above" to "from the OSI Data Link Service", and
     - 3rd par --- end the 2nd sentence with 15802-1 by changing ";" to

13)  7.1.1  LLC Type 1 Connectionless-mode Operation --- add to the end of
the 1st sentence: " in the higher layers of protocol".

14)  7.1.2  LLC Type 2 Connection-mode Operation --- in last sentence,
insert "in both directions" after "exchanged".

15)  7.1.3  LLC Type 3 Acknowledged Connectionless-mode Operation:
     - 1st sentence --- delete everything between "Type 3 " and "provides",
     - last sentence --- delete this sentence.

16)  8.1  Transparent Bridging:
     - 5th par --- change "informa-tion" to "information", and
     - 6th par --- if TR 11802-5 is going to be referred to, it should be
added to the References in clause 2.

17)  8.3  Source Routing Transparent Architecture --- change "10038" to
"15902-3"; and delete "/AM5 "Guidelines for Bridged LAN Source Routing
Operation by End Systems"" since AM5 is now an integral part of 8802-2.

18)  Given that this is an Overview, I don't see why that info that is
provided in Annex A is being deleted .  This semms like a very logical
place for information as to where the various pieces of information about
LANs can be found.

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