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Re: voting membership rules

Roger -

A comment on your...etc

>>The rules are not entirely clear as to which meetings constitute "the last
>>four".  When you are at a Plenary meeting, does that meeting count as one of
>>"the last four"? or are they the four most recent (and completed)
>>plenaries?  I believe that the correct interpretation is the latter.
>I agree. Regarding losing membership, you can't really delete them until
you are sure that they WON'T show up. So you have to wait until the meeting
is at least 25% over. Might as well wait until the end; they aren't going
to be there to vote, and there aren't any quorum issues.

Thats right. You only remove membership at the end of a plenary meeting,
not at the beginning.  This leads to the curious result that someone could
show up at their third plenary, claim voting membership for attendance,
exercise their vote during the opening WG plenary, and then lose their
membership at the end of the same meeting for less than 75% participation.