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email ballot rules


You got my attention with this statement:

>If decisions need to be taken, then the interim meeting's decisions can be ... ratified by email ballot.

As I understand it, this is just a 40 day letter ballot. Or am I overlooking a shorter option?

Bill Lidinsky's proposed rules change (pp. 25-27 of the July 99 minutes)
<>, which passed the SEC on July 8, is going to be a great help when it gets implemented. It reduces letter ballot durations to 35 days if they are electronic, and it  allows the Chair to set the duration of electronic votes on "non-draft standard technical issues". I consider it urgent to get this rules change passed. [My only quibble is that it sets electronic recirculations to 15 days, longer than even Sponsor Ballot recircs need to be; IEEE says "most are only about 10 days in length."]

By the way, the rules allow the SEC an electronic balloting procedure with no set time limit. The one we did in May ran 8 days. Is this typical?