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RE: Straw Poll for Millenium Medal

Where have you guys been?  We had a lengthy discussion about this a while
ago.  In the end, Jim decided to not limit our nominations.  I didn't keep
the email, but he said something like fill our any nomination you deem 
appropriate and he will send it in.  In any case, the nomination letter
went from IEEE to all working group chairs, so all of you can submit 
nominations directly.  

The downside is that the SA has a quota of something like 6 of the medals
so no matter how many we nominate, not many of our people will get it.
That is 6 for all of standards.

Suggestions were made to only nominate 802 as a group, but we were told
by the powers that be that that would be unacceptable (though the nomination
letter said one could nominate a group).

Geoff wrote an eloquent letter protesting the allocation.

Someone (Buzz perhaps) suggested we award our own 20th anniversary/millenium
awards in March to recognize contributions more broadly.

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Count me in as a cosigner on the letter regarding Maris also.  I agree that 
the proposed list is self agrandizement by current participants and ignores 
the historical reality.

Paul Eastman