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Re: 30 day preview PARs for 802.3


We'll be sure to present the most recent PAR form for 802.3ae at the
November meeting, and the submission to NesCom will use the latest and
greatest format for PAR submittals.

The decision to define two PHY families for 802.3ae was based on the
observation that the LAN and WAN application spaces have differing
requirements for line speed, coding, packet deliniation and

The WAN PHY will be compatible with the SONET/SDH transport
infrastructure, which will allow 10 Gigabit Ethernet links to operate
over the installed based of WAN equipment. The data rate presented by
the WAN PHY will be compatible with the payload rate of SONET
OC-192c/SDH VC-4-64c. The LAN PHY will be optimized for the cabling and
equipment infrastructure commonly found in enterprise networks, which
is of course the traditional application for Ethernet.

The 802.3 MAC will require very little modification for 10 Gigabit
operation, certainly less than the work required to make CSMA/CD
operate at 1 Gigabit.  As the PAR and 5 Criteria clearly state, the 10
Gigabit MAC will operate only in full duplex.  The same MAC will be
used with both the LAN PHY and the WAN PHY.

At this point, the Study Group has heard, but not endorsed, specific
proposals for both of the PHYs.  We concluded that there was a need for
both PHYs, and we believe that both are justified by the material
provided in the 5 Criteria document.

The Higher Speed Study Group's web page contains the presentation
material from our last meeting, held Sept 27-29.