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RE: Redirection of IPF dollars

I appreciate the worthwhile discussions and generally agree with the comments. Here are my two cents:

I understand that we are scheduled to deal with this motion in November:

>In order to further the goal of making P802 standards free and electronically available to the public worldwide, IEEE P802 resolves that all P802 funds now used to support ISO secretariats be diverted to supporting the IEEE-SA in achieving the above goal.

I oppose this motion because it blends issues that need to be tackled separately. I see three separate issues here:

(1) IPF to support the "ISO/JTC1 Secretariat":
I want to see a motion to end the IPF and will support such a motion.

(2) Free distribution of 802 standards:
The theory here is that the standards developers, rather than the users, should fund the cost. Interesting theory. Obviously, standards developers want their standards used and want to eliminate barriers to such use. But what we think about it doesn't matter; the rules don't permit it (it does not fall under the "expedite the setting of LAN/MAN standards" clause). I oppose any motion to use 802 income in this way until and unless such use has been approved as a rules change. Once there is a rules change in place to allow such spending in principal, then we need an SEC vote on to approve a specific agreement with the IEEE-SA that details how much we will contribute and exactly what they will provide in return. In fact, it may be difficult to get the rules change approved until we have negotiated a tentative agreement with IEEE-SA. This whole process is going to take awhile.

(3) Changing the meeting registration fee:
If we drop the IPF now, we must lower the meeting registration fee, unless we are going to build up our reserves to the a level recommended by the Rules and the Treasurer. As I read the Treasurer's statement,it seems that a significant drop in the fee is in order. Once we delete the IPF, I will support a motion to drop the fee in accordance with the Treasurer's guidance. If we later want to send money to the IEEE-SA, we will need to raise the fee accordingly.