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Re: Metric

Jim -

I see that your note does not cover the metric-ization of time. I
understand thet the metric replacement for the second is the
micro-fortnight - is this correct?  ;-)


At 17:12 22/10/99 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Note policy below:
>     METRIC POLICY: After 1 Jan 2000, proposed new standards and revised
>standards submitted for approval will use metric units exclusively in the
>normative portions of the standard. Authoritative and detailed guidance for
>use of the metric system is found in IEEE/ASTM Standard SI 10.
>     There are three exceptions allowed in the policy statement: (1)
>products that are specified in non-metric trade sizes, such as the AWG wire
>series or inch-based fasteners; (2) cases, such as plugs and sockets, where
>a mechanical fit to an inch-based product is required; and (3) metric
>products need not be substituted for inch-based products.
>     According to Bruce Barrow, Chair of the IEEE Standards Coordinating
>Committee 14 (Quantities, Units, and Letter Symbols), this stage will
>transition as easily as Stage I (include metric units in standards) and
>Stage II (metric units given preferred status).
>     For assistance, contact Barrow at "".
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