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Note policy below:

     METRIC POLICY: After 1 Jan 2000, proposed new standards and revised
standards submitted for approval will use metric units exclusively in the
normative portions of the standard. Authoritative and detailed guidance for
use of the metric system is found in IEEE/ASTM Standard SI 10.
     There are three exceptions allowed in the policy statement: (1)
products that are specified in non-metric trade sizes, such as the AWG wire
series or inch-based fasteners; (2) cases, such as plugs and sockets, where
a mechanical fit to an inch-based product is required; and (3) metric
products need not be substituted for inch-based products.
     According to Bruce Barrow, Chair of the IEEE Standards Coordinating
Committee 14 (Quantities, Units, and Letter Symbols), this stage will
transition as easily as Stage I (include metric units in standards) and
Stage II (metric units given preferred status).
     For assistance, contact Barrow at "".

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