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Re: FW: SLR Important Announcement


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Jim Carlo wrote:
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> fyi. Help for us at last. Jim Carlo
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> Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 9:27 AM
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> Subject: SLR Important Announcement
> Help for Standards Developers
> <?/fontfamily><?fontfamily><?param Times_New_Roman>IEEE Standards is
> pleased to announce that a new section has been added to the IEEE
> Standards web site. Titled "<?color><?param 0000,0000,00FF>IEEE
> Standards Process at a Glance<?/color>," this area is designed to help
> guide new working group chairs and other standards developers through
> the sometimes complex IEEE standards development process. This new
> tool provides a series of hyperlinks to the official rules and
> policies, support documents, FAQs, forms, and other materials that can
> aid volunteers as they develop and maintain IEEE Standards. For ease
> of use, this new section has been organized according to the
> chronology of the standards process [Getting Started (the PAR);
> Writing the Draft; Balloting; and Approval of the Standard (RevCom)].
> IEEE Standards hopes you will find this a welcome and useful tool. You
> can view Standards Process at a Glance at the following URL:
> <?color><?param
> 0000,0000,00FF><?/color>.
> Should you have questions or comments concerning this material, please
> contact your IEEE Standards Staff Liaison (<?color><?param
> 0000,0000,00FF><?/color>.
> <?/fontfamily>