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Re: 802.5v - EMail LMSC Balloter Verification

Note: this reply has been copied to the 802 SEC because item 5.6 of the
Monday Morning SEC meeting is "Verification of E-Mail Address for LMSC
The process I describe in the next paragraph is precisely what I will
advocate at that meeting.  Therefore, all on copy, please read and email
back comments / concerns about the process. (Howard, you can copy this note
as Exhibit A for discussion item 5.6).

Michael, as far as I am concerned we have not closed the Invitation for
Ballot process until we have validated the email addresses of those that
have responded to the paper mail request to join the ballot pool.  I agree
that we have closed the input process which acccepts requests to join the
ballot pool, but it is premature to send the names collected so far to Jim.
I will be happy to take the next step (or you could if you prefer) which is
to send an e-mail to each of the initial respondents to confirm their
e-mail address.  When that process completes we should be able to compile
the final roster for Jim's approval.  Therefore, please send me the roster
including e-mail addresses so I can begin the verification process.

Best regards.

Robert D. Love
Program Manager, IBM ACS - US
Chair IEEE 802.5 Token Ring Working Group
500 Park Offices                   Phone: 919 543-2746
P. O. Box 12195 CNPA/656           Fax: 419 715-0359
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA    E-Mail:

"Michael Binder" <> on 10/26/99 02:32:42 PM

To:   Robert Love/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:  802.5v


We have closed out the Invitation to Ballot for the subject project.
Because of the difficulties we had with the prior ballot, I would like to
confer on the next steps.
Normally at this point we would send a copy of the balloting roster to Jim
Carlo for approval with a copy to you.  However, in this case would you
prefer we send you an file with everyone's e-mail address first, before we
send the roster to Jim?  Or would you like us to do both (i.e., send you
e-mail address file, and also send Jim the roster for approval)?

Please note that if you find invalid e-mail addresses I can not arbitrarily
remove them from the balloting group.  This would still have to be done
Jim's approval.

Let me know how you want to proceed.
Michael J. Binder
Manager - Balloting Center
IEEE Standards Dept.
Tel: +1 732-562-5540
Fax: +1 732-562-1571