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Chair's proposed absolute power

Dear SEC,

It is my opinion that the combination of

1) the chair's (existing) power to decide what it technical and what is
2) the chair's (proposed) power to decide procedural issues

results in absolute power for the chair which might not be desirable.  While
it allows the chair to reduce the burden of administrative detail, it does
mean that a chair whose interests push him out of line with those of his
committee may be tempted to overstep the mark.  The argument that the
committee can then drag him up to the exec and have him replaced is too
crude an answer.  You might want to keep him, and keep him in line.  These
changes might lead to less transparency.

Does the committee's power to direct a chair's position on an SEC vote apply
to procedural issues under proposed rules?

Best regards,
	-- John
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> Behalf Of
> Sent: 18 November 1999 13:40
> To: Bill Lidinsky;
> Subject: Re: +++ SEC Rules Change Ballot
> Bill, thank you for putting together Draft 5 of the rules changes.
> I have one proposed minor change:
> Change the line:
> Working Group motions and votes in between 802 Plenary meetings are at the
> discretion of the Working Group Chair
> to
> Working Group motions and votes in between Working Group (strikethrough:
> 802 Plenary) meetings are at the discretion of the Working Group Chair.
> I don't think the intent of the sentence was to state that motions and
> votes at interim Working Group meetings are at the discretion of
> the chair.
> In addition, for those that believe the proposed changes confer too much
> power on the chair, I offer the 802.5 Working Group process for conducting
> electronic ballots first developed in July 1998.  These rules can be found
> at:  Each working
> group is empowered to develop there own rules that help refine their own
> electronic balloting process.
> Best regards.
> Robert D. Love
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