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Re: +++ SEC Rules Change Ballot

Roger, thanks for the support.

Bill, are you planning to respond to suggested changes or do you expect to
leave the draft as is throughout the voting cycle.

I believe we have a much better chance of getting an approved document out
by March if you will make decisions on proposed changes and then require
re-voting of people that have votes in prior to the last change.

Best regards.

Robert D. Love
Program Manager, IBM ACS - US
Chair IEEE 802.5 Token Ring Working Group
500 Park Offices                   Phone: 919 543-2746
P. O. Box 12195 CNPA/656           Fax: 419 715-0359
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA    E-Mail:

"Roger B. Marks" <> on 01/05/2000 07:23:21

Sent by:

Subject:  Re: +++ SEC Rules Change Ballot

I have some comments:

(1) I don't understand the first sentence of:

"There is a requirement for the recirculation ballot process.  For
guidance on this process see Section Resolution of comments,
objections, and negative votes in the IEEE Standards Operating

I suggest changing it to:

"After comment resolution, a recirculation ballot is required."

(2) I don't like the last sentence of:

"Votes at Working Group interim meetings are conducted according to
normal Working Group voting procedures.  Examples include but are not
limited to voice votes, raise hand votes and roll call votes.  A vote
is carried by by a 75% approval of the sum of those members voting
"Approve" and "Do Not Approve".  A quorum of 50% of the Working Group
voting membership is required to be in attendance at Working Group
interim meetings."

It says that the meeting requires a quorum; this seems to imply that
a meeting without a quorum is out of order. I suggest that the
sentence read:

"The vote is not binding unless a quorum of at least 50% of the
Working Group voting membership is in attendance."

(3) I support Bob Love's suggestion:

Change the line:
Working Group motions and votes in between 802 Plenary meetings are at the
discretion of the Working Group Chair

Working Group motions and votes in between Working Group (strikethrough:
802 Plenary) meetings are at the discretion of the Working Group Chair.


> At the SEC meeting in Kauai on Thursday 11 November 1999 the SEC
>approved submitting this IEEE 802 Operating Rules change to ballot.
>The proposed Rules Change deals with changes to the process for voting
>procedures for a Working Group on procedural issues and technical
>issues at 802 Plenaries, interim Working Group meetings, and in
>between Plenary meetings.  The changes involve the following sections:
> Chair's Function
> Voting on Technical Issues
>In addition there are minor changes to two other sections so that they
>refer to the above two sections correctly.  These two other sections
>3.6.1 Initiation of Proposed Rules Changes
>  Rights
>Attached is a pdf file showing the relevant clauses of the latest P802
>Operating Rules (November 1998) with the changes indicated.
>Strikethrough text is deleted.  Underlined text is added.  All other
>text is as it exists in the current rules document. This text was
>presented and discussed at a P802 Operating Rules meeting on Sunday
>night, 7 November 1999 in Kauai at the beginning of the 802 Plenary.
>It was further iterated upon during the week of the plenary.  This
>proposed rule change represents the output of this process.
>This ballot opens on 12 November 1999.  It will close 30 days before
>beginning of the March 802 plenary (Friday 4 February 2000).
>For your reference the current 802 rules URL is
>    ""
>          Please vote early and often,
>          Bill Lidinsky, 802.1 Chair
>          630-840-8067