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Re: Patent notice in 802.16 paper submission template


I talked to Bob about this and I think we are lined up with each other.
I am concerned that we are raising the stakes just for the fun of it. What
problem is it that we are trying to fix here? One concern that I have is in
the area of individual vs. corp responsibility. Unlike most other standards
organizations we are indivuduhuls at 802 (even though we come with our
bills paid). The more of this stuff that we put on the face of
contributions the more overhead our contributors will face in the office
before they can get stuff out the door.

If Roger wants to do something more about the patent situation I would
suggest that he tie it to the attendance sheet rather than contributions.
I.e. that it say on his attendance sheet:
 "I was at the meeting and heard the 'call for patents' (initial here)_______"
and make that a condition of getting credit for attending the meeting and
therefore getting voting membership and your name in the front of the book.


At 11:05 AM 12/20/99 -0500, wrote:
>I am also concerned about the requested statement.  However, I will go a
>step further than Geoff.  I recommend that before we vote to add anything
>as required boiler-plate we each have our company lawyers review the
>proposed wording and see if they have any objections.
>We are moving quickly into legal ground.  It is inappropriate for those of
>us without law degrees to be making what appears to be rational decisions
>on what acceptable legal wording is without getting competent legal
>Best regards.
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