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RE: HackySacks for 20 Year Anniversary

Jim,  Since there is no additional price break between 300 and 1000, I would recommend that we order no more than 500 which is likely to be our maximum attendance for this meeting and eliminate the problems associated with all the left-overs that we had with the 10th Anniversary pins.  That would reduce our cost to under $2,000 and be more in keeping with what we spent on pins last time.  Any leftovers (for those who actually want 3 for juggling) could be handed out Thursday afternoon on a first-come-first-served basis while the supply lasts.  
Thanx,  Buzz
Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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> From: 	Jim Carlo[]
> Sent: 	Thursday, February 10, 2000 2:07 AM
> To: 	IEEE802
> Subject: 	HackySacks for 20 Year Anniversary
> I'd like to go forward with ordering an 802 Hackysack for our 20year event in a few weeks. I'd like to have enough for one per person plus some excess.   The cost for 700 hackysacks with 802 logos will be about $2.5K. 
> Howard, do you have a logo to put on the Hackysack that you could send to Darcel. We need to expedite if we are to have them in time for our meeting.
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> From: Darcel Moro [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 12:56 PM
> To: Jim Carlo; Buzz Rigsbee
> Cc: Dawn Slykhouse
> Subject: HackySacks
> Hello All;
> One quote for hackysacks I have received is $2.75 + taxes each for an order over 300 (and under 1000).  This includes an imprint of a logo (up to 2 colours).  The down side is these are manufactured overseas and at this time do not know if they can be made in time.  Obviously if we would like to go ahead they would confirm this prior to accepting an order.  The other down side, because of the timing, they would have to air freight the order which would be an additional approximate $500.00.
> You can check out the hacksack at
> The item the company is quoting on is the WFA Phatbag Footbag which retails for $6.00.
> If we wanted to go ahead we would have to let them know within 24 hours and they will let us know if it is possible.  We would also have to provide a camera ready electronic version of our logo.
> Darcel Moro
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