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Re: suggested changes to 802 tutorial procedures

Geoff, I concur with your sentiment, but not your proposed procedures.  I
would advocate a form on the web, to get J. Random Clueless started.  I
would ask Jay to submit that form to his working group chair if he is an
802 participant, or to the 802 chair or some other SEC member if he is not.

Best regards.

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"Geoff Thompson" <> on 02/29/2000
06:39:10 PM

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To:   "Roger B. Marks" <>
Subject:  Re: suggested changes to 802 tutorial procedures


My opinion.

I really don't like any of this. It changes the gate keeper from the
members of the Exec to the Chair of 802. The Exec is certainly a small
enough group that we ought to be able to do filtering and assignment
without an elaborate set of written rules.

The form should NOT be on the web. The form, if we must have it, is for the
use of WG chairs rather than the use of J. Random Clueless who wishes to
advertise in front of 802.


At 10:58 PM 2/28/00 -0700, Roger B. Marks wrote:
>I've expressed to Jim my concern about the 802 tutorial procedures.
>While the Chair's Guidelines present a good description of an
>appropriate tutorial, there are no real procedures to ensure that
>tutorials are not overly commercial or to inform other working groups
>regarding potential overlap of interests. There has also been poor
>advance notification of the tutorials and their schedules.
>Jim asked me to make some suggestions. I suggest the following:
>web. Few people know about this form, and it is hard to track down.
>(2) Include on the form a reference to and link to the "802 Chair's
>Guidelines on IEEE 802 Tutorials"
><> so that proposers
>get help understanding the rules.
>(3) Add the following question (taken from the Chair's Guidelines) to
>the tutorial request form:
>Purpose of Tutorial (choose one and explain):
>(a) Explore possible new directions for 802 efforts
>(b) Summarize ongoing major work of Study Group or WG or TAG.
>(c) Describe basic 802 or other standards process.
>(4) Change the approval process, which currently leaves the SEC
>members in the dark until Dawn issues an agenda. I suggest changing
>the relevant section of the Chair's Guidelines from:
>>Mechanics of Tutorials:
>>- Hosted by SEC member or Study Group Chair.
>>- Announced to SEC reflector before meeting.
>>- Scheduled through Classic Consulting/Buzz Rigsbee
>>- Conflicts to be resolved by Executive Secretary and SEC chair
>>based on most importance to 802.
>>Mechanics of Tutorials:
>>- Hosted by SEC member or Study Group Chair.
>>- Tutorial Request Form posted to SEC reflector for comment.
>>- No less than 7 days after posting, SEC Chair may affirm that
>>proposed tutorial is appropriate and then schedule it.
>>- Conflicts will be resolved by the SEC chair, but priority will
>>generally be by order of request.
>I also suggest that the "APPROVAL AND CONFIRMATION" section of the
>Tutorial Request Form be changed from:
>>All official tutorial requests must sent to Dawn Williams at
>> for final approval and confirmation with copies to
>>Buzz Rigsbee and to Jim Carlo
>> .  A confirmation of your request indicating time slot
>>assigned will be sent within 10 days of your submission.
>>Tutorial requests must be submitted by an SEC member or Study Group
>>Chair to the SEC reflector. After not less than seven days for SEC
>>reveiw, the SEC Chair may approve and schedule the meeting, with
>>notification to the SEC reflector.
>(5) I suggest deleting the following section of the Chair's Guidelines:
>>All official tutorial request forms must be submitted at least 45
>>days prior to the start of the next IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Meeting.
>>Please refer to the future meetings list on the IEEE 802 Web Site
>No one pays attention to it anyway, and the first-come, first-serve
>rule should stimulate earlier requests.
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