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Might apply to Wireless Mobility.

Jim Carlo( Cellular:1-214-693-1776 Voice&Fax:1-214-853-5274
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Subject: 47th IETF: SPATIAL BOF

Spatial Location BOF (spatial)

Thursday, March 30 at 0900-1130

CHAIR: Haitao Tang <>


The purpose of this BOF is to address spatial location information,
exchange, and utilization for IP devices. The objective is to let 
IP-addressable devices and applications be able to exchange the 
spatial location data of themselves and other parties when allowed.
Security is a fundamental requirement for many situations of the 
data exchanges and services. It must be considered from beginning,
as part of the objective. 

The problem for this BOF to answer is: How can two IP devices 
exchange location information reliably?

This BOF will define the requirements for solving the problem. 
The items to be investigated are:

(a) Geo-location information expressions (including accuracy and
    associated privacy policy) and the data format for exchange 
(b) Security requirements and approaches for the data exchange
(c) Requirements and approaches (including security) for an IP 
    device to verify the location information received from the 
    exchange when needed and allowed to do so 
(d) Characteristics of an IP device and its geo-location based 
    services as well as the way for one to identify them
(e) A common language for an IP device to specify the 
    characteristics interested to it.

Here, an IP device is a device which is addressable via IP. The 
device may be the host which is addressable by IP or an element
within the host. In addition, an IP device can be a physically 
static or moving IP device. The spatial location is the physical
spatial location of an IP device. The issues of virtual location 
and time are associated with applications/services, they should 
be specified by certain service characteristics. This BOF will 
address both IPv4 and IPv6. 


- Agenda bashing  5 min
- Presentations   ? min
- Cooperation/differences from work done in other standard 
  organizations (15 min) 
- Cooperation/overlap with other working groups (15 min)
- questions whether this work is really needed (20 min)
- Charter Bashing 25 min
- WG / another BOF formation? 15 min

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