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Fwd: Liaisons to 802.1 from other Working Groups

>X-Lotus-FromDomain: IBMUS
>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 16:23:48 -0700
>Subject: Liaisons to 802.1 from other Working Groups
>Tony, would you please send this on to the chairpersons of the other
>working groups.
>Dear working group chairs:
>If you feel that your group needs to maintain strong communications with
>802.1, please send the names of your volunteers/appointees to be Liasons to
>our group to Tony Jeffree and copy Rosemary Slager (802.1 membership
>secretary).  They will be added to our mailer and will be invited to
>vote/comment on our draft documents.
>Please respond by March 31.  No response will imply that you do not feel
>that there is a need for a liaison at this time.
>Thanks, Rosemary
>Our Current PARs:
>---P802.1s , Multiple Spanning Trees - (Draft Supplement to 802.1Q, Virtual
>Bridged Local Area Networks).
>---P802.1t (802.1D tech/ed corrections)
>---P802.1u (802.1Q tech/ed corrections)
>---P802.1v , Supplement to IEEE Std 802.1Q Virtual Bridged Local Area
>Networks - VLAN Classification by Protocol and Port
>---P802.1w , Supplement to ISO/IEC 15802-3 (IEEE Std 802.1D)
>Information technology?Telecommunications and information exchange between
>systems?Local and metropolitan area networks?Common specifications?Part 3:
>Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges: Rapid Reconfiguration
>---P802.1 X , Standards for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Port
>based Network Access Control