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RE: Tutorial Proposal: WirelessHUMAN


I am fully in favor of this tutorial, and would support your request.
Especially as we had a representation of this SG at our recent Interim
meeting in Seattle. Which created some interest, and further questions, that
could be expanded on in a tutorial such as this.


Attached is my vCard for Contact Information:

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Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 11:37
Subject: Tutorial Proposal: WirelessHUMAN

I propose an 802 tutorial on Monday evening, July 10. It will be
organized by 802.16's Wireless High-Speed Unlicensed Metropolitan
Area Networks (WirelessHUMAN) Study Group.

The full Tutorial Request Form is available at:

Here is the abstract:

"This multi-speaker tutorial will discuss the current market niche
for last mile access using unlicensed spectrum. It will introduce the
efforts by 802.16's WirelessHUMAN(TM) [Wireless High-speed Unlicensed
Metropolitan Area Networks] Study Group to address this need. An
overview of existing standards, technology,and techniques to address
the issues, including interference in unlicensed environments, will
be provided. This will be followed by presentations on the
suitability of 802 MAC and PHY layers (both existing and under
development) for WirelessHUMAN(TM) requirements."




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