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Re: Rules Change Ballot; Addition of Scope Statement

>  Dear SEC,
>At the July 2000 plenary the 802 Sponsor Executive Committee (SEC) 
>agreed to initiate a rules change ballot to add a scope statement to 
>our operating rules.
>The scope statement:
>"The scope of IEEE LMSC is to develop, maintain, enable and promote, 
>on a global basis, accredited networking standards and recommended 
>practices" would be added as a separate paragraph to the end of 
>section 1  Overview.

I vote No.

Reason 1: I believe that it is processes, rather than standards, that 
are accredited.

Reason 2: This is too important to be buried at the end of Section 1. 
It should be the first thing in the document. That is a little hard 
to arrange given the way the Overview is structured, but it should be 
nearer the top.

I would approve the change if it read:

The scope statement:
"The scope of the LAN MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) is to develop, 
maintain, enable, and promote, on a global basis and using an open 
and accredited process, networking standards and recommended 
would be added as the third paragraph in Section 1 (Overview).