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RE: Invitation to Co-Sign Letter to IEEE Election Candidates regarding ISTO


There is within 802 the concept of a directed position., See "Procedure 8" 
of the LMSC Operating Rules.

I believe that it would be reasonable to use this same procedure to direct 
those members of  LMSC to carry into and initiate a motion at the IEEE-SA 
Standards Board.

The next question is whether it is a good idea and whether it has any 
advantage over less coercive means.

It does get the messenger off the hook for demanding that a vote be taken 
on the motion.
It does not magically make the vote come out right or guarantee heavy lobbying.

It all comes under the category of "Don't ask the question unless you are 
really sure you are willing to hear the answer."


At 09:38 AM 10/11/00 -0600, Roger B. Marks wrote:

>Jim's message raises an interesting issue: how would 802 go about getting 
>an item onto the agenda of the IEEE-SA Standards Board?
>I have heard that a motion related to ISTO was entered at the Standards 
>Board meeting but was not voted upon. If 802 wanted a motion entered and 
>voted upon, what would we do to ensure that result?
>What about a motion asking the Computer Society Standards Activity Board 
>(SAB) to make a motion? Do they have any status at the Standards Board, or 
>the the Board just a bunch of individuals?
>Even if the SAB has no status, I suspect that their members may support us 
>if we suggested a specific motion.
>P.S. I support Bob Love's suggestion.
>>To date, IEEE 802 has been very apolitical on the IEEE-SA BOG elections. We
>>have not individually offered a candidate from IEEE 802 specifically, we
>>have not lobbied hard for any candidates, and we have stayed out of the IEEE
>>BOG politics (as it does not immediately affect the things we do best, which
>>is to write a standard). We do have strong participation from IEEE 802 in
>>the Standards Board (NesCom, RevCom, Board), because these organizations
>>directly affect our standards process.  We have a very distant relationship
>>with the Computer Society, which is our sponsor, but hardly mentioned in our
>>efforts. I also work somewhat with Communications Society, through a
>>bi-monthly 802 column in Newtork Magazine. But the main efforts of the
>>leadership is on standards.
>>I would rather concentrate on making IEEE 802 a better place to do
>>standards, improve our own process as needed, than participate in the
>>"standards arena" politics. Between ANSI initiatives, IEEE-ISTO, IEEE
>>Corporate Members, TIA activities with Ethernet, there is a lot going on for
>>anyone who wants to battle here. I have done some of this (more than I
>>want), in my job as chair of IEEE 802, but view that if IEEE 802 does
>>timely, high quality public standards, then we will be successful.
>>I don't believe we should use our 802ALL reflector for political actions and
>>supporting candidates - without a specific SEC motion. I do have some
>>thoughts on how to position IEEE 802 organization better in the future, and
>>was planning to schedule an hour on Sunday evening after the rules
>>Jim Carlo( Cellular:1-214-693-1776 Voice&Fax:1-214-853-5274
>>TI Fellow, Networking Standards at Texas Instruments
>>Chair, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 Telecom and Info Exchange Between Systems
>>Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee
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>>To: Roger B. Marks
>>Subject: Re: Invitation to Co-Sign Letter to IEEE Election
>>Candidatesregarding ISTO
>>Roger, I firmly support your effort and would support having Buzz send a
>>copy of your invitation to the entire 802 mailing list.
>>Jim, can that be done without a separate motion and email ballot?  I believe
>>we have already stated the 802 SEC position which reflects Roger's posted
>>letter to the candidates.  This is certainly one case where time is of the
>>Best regards,
>>Robert D. Love
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>>From: Roger B. Marks <>
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>>Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2000 4:51 PM
>>Subject: Invitation to Co-Sign Letter to IEEE Election Candidatesregarding
>>>  8 October 2000
>>>  IEEE is now carrying out its annual election. Many candidates have
>>>  prepared position statements, but none addresses the issue of how
>>>  IEEE will deal with its Industry Standards and Technology
>>>  Organization (ISTO). As a voter, it is essential for me to understand
>>>  their positions on this critical issue.
>>  >
>>>  In order to gather input on this topic, and to educate the candidates
>>>  on it, I have prepared a letter inquiring as to their positions. I
>>>  have posted the letter to my personal web site
>>>  <>.
>>>  In order to let the candidates know that others share my interest in
>>>  their positions, I am requesting that those who do please let me know
>>>  that they they wish to be listed as co-signers of the letter. To
>>>  join, first read the letter and then follow the link at the end to a
>>>  simple form. I will ask for your name and IEEE status to pass along
>>>  to the candidates, and I will collect your email address so that I
>>>  may pass any responses back to you. I will also post candidate
>>>  responses to the web.
>>>  Time is short. I will distribute my letter to the candidates in one
>>>  week: on 15 October 2000. I will post their responses as I receive
>>>  them. On 26 October, I will email the co-signers (and other
>>>  interested individuals and groups) with a URL to the candidate
>>>  positions. This is six days before the 1 November 2000 deadline for
>>>  the receipt of ballots.
>>>  If you care about this issue, please read the letter
>>>  <> and then co-sign it immediately if
>>>  you wish.
>>>  If IEEE is to continue to function as a vibrantly democratic
>>>  institution, the members need to know the stance of the candidates on
>>>  the most important issues we face. If you are interested in IEEE's
>>>  relationship with ISTO, please participate by joining me.
>>>  Regards,
>>>  Roger Marks, IEEE Member
>>>  Please feel free to distribute this Invitation to colleagues who may
>>>  be interested.
>>>  cc: candidates in IEEE Election