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FW: 802 LCD Projector Shortfall


1) I would like to have some discussions on the reflector on 16Oct, and
start the ballot on 16Oct and can close on 23Oct.

2) If I read your message correctly, this says that IEEE 802 now has 14
projectors. I find it difficult to believe that we have request for 20
projectors, simultaneously, all week. Could you show what the peak time is
and how many each WG has requested? If I assume that .3,.11,.15,.16 each
want 3 units, rspg needs one unit, and .1 needs one unit, that gives 14

3) It might be we rent one/two for one day, if needed. Any other comments?

4) I assume the ballot will look like:
Issue Date: 16Oct2000 Closing Date: 23Oct2000
Moved By: Buzz Rigsbee
Move: Approve the purchase of two additional LCD projectors (not to exceed a
total of $6K) in time for the Tampa meeting.

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Subject: 802 LCD Projector Shortfall

To:   802 SEC

I'm in the process of finalizing the purchase of the 2 LCD projectors which
we authorized at La Jolla (one large, one small).

This will bring our set of owned projectors up to 14 total.

However in reviewing the agenda requests from our WG chairs for Tampa, we
have outstanding requests for  TWENTY (20)  projectors, which means several
WG break-out meetings will NOT get projectors or will have to timeshare with
other WGs.

It is not too late to add 2 more small projectors (we already have the
shipping case space to handle them) but we will need a fast turn around SEC
electronic ballot to approve the additional expenditure (~$6K).  This should
reduce the shortfall by 33% and make the
possibility of timesharing much less arduous.  If we have to rent
projectors, we will pay about $2K per projector for the week.

I need a final go/no-go on the additional purchase by Monday, October 23 in
order to complete the purchase and get them to the meeting on time.  Please
move fast on this one, if possible.

The ball is in your court, gentleman.  I await your decision and submit my
vote to approve in advance.

Sorry for late notice but we are just getting the meeting agenda data worked
out to the point where we could see the problem.

Growth is always a painful process.

Thanx,  Buzz
Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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