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RE: 802.11 Fires Back After Press Security Hoopla


You are correct that the response from the 802.11 chair was only issued to
the dot 11 reflector. After advice from my Chair's and Jim. Indeed I have
noted that the response was quoted on various web sites. In fact, the WLANA
organization asked me if they could post this on there web site, and I
respectfully declined. It is my considered opinion that we leave this one
alone at present. The press is dying down, and we have accurately predicted
the possible holes in the standard, and are diligently addressing these now.

As to the UC Berkeley people, indeed they have commented that the response
was professional, and accurate. Even to the point, they have attended an
Ad-Hoc meeting of 802.11 TGE Security Sub-Group, and made valuable
suggestions on our progress. Also, we were discussing the possibilities of
making a security tutorial at the Hilton Head meeting, which may or may not
go ahead.

I lay before the members of ExCom this issue you raise, with my advice, as
detailed above.


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Colleagues,  I believe this article is quoting Stuart Kerry as having issued
an official position of the
802.11 WG, which I don't believe is the case.  Should we request a
retraction or at least a clarification ???
Thanx,  Buzz
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> Subject: 	802.11 Fires Back After Press Security Hoopla
> WLAN Security Flaws Not Serious
> Mar. 1-- One week after a UC at Berkeley report on wireless LAN security
> flaws, the IEEE 802.11 working group for wireless LANs states that the
> flaws are not as serious as researchers and media suggest. (Frontline)
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