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RE: Procedural Question


I am not an expert on those matters, but I remember that the IEEE staff
specifically did not want us to make detailed minutes like: now John said
and then Jim answered. I have copied below what the Standards Companion has
to say about the minutes.

Taking this into account, I would say that it is NOT good to make a record
of the meeting with a Camcorder.

From part 3 of the Standards Companion:

Minutes should be taken at every meeting, preferably by a secretary, as
mentioned earlier. The list to the right states what minutes should include.
What minutes should not be is a detailed, blow-by-blow inclusion of every
speaker's words. Many minutes are far too detailed, and in so being they are
a deterrent to their usefulness to many readers (who simply won't want to be
bothered with trying to get through pages and pages of minutes). Minutes
should also include a separate list of action items as assigned by the
chair. The chair should use action items to make certain that the work is
delegated among various committee members, relieving the burden on only a
few members. Placing a time deadline on action items is also useful, as it
will help the working group members to prioritize this work.

	Minutes should be short--don't include every detail of your
meetings. After all, they're called minutes, not hours. 
	What should be in minutes?
		Name of group 
		Date and location of meeting 
		Officer presiding, including the name of the secretary who
wrote the minutes 
		Call to order, chair's remarks 
		Approval of minutes of previous meeting 
		Approval of agenda 
		Technical topics 
				Brief summary of discussion, pros and cons,
and conclusions 
				Motions and actions items with name and due
				Copies of handouts 
				Do not include names, except for movers and
seconders of motions unless a roll-call vote is ordered
		Subcommittee reports 
		Next meeting--date and location
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> From: 	Mike Takefman[]
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> Subject: 	Proceedural Question 
> I've been asked by one of the people coming to the 
> March Meeting about recording all presentations on 
> a CAMcorder so that they can show the proceedings 
> back at their office (in Korea).
> Can anyone give me some guidance on this issue.
> Has it been done before? Aside from getting
> permission from the working group members
> are there any other requirements?
> thanks, 
> mike
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