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[802SEC] Update:+++ IEEE 802 BALLOT: Split the 802.11 PARs

Update: Ballots due by 23April. I believe all suggested changes will be
Bob O'Hara -  Approve
Bob Grow -
Paul Nikolich -
Buzz Rigsbee -
Vic Hayes - Approve
Tony Jeffree - Approve if comments accepted
Geoff Thompson -
Bob Love -
Stuart Kerry - Approve
Bob Heile - Approve
Roger Marks - Approve with comments
Mike Takefman -
Jim Carlo - Chair

Topny Jeffree
I approve, subject to the following being addressed:
- Answer all questions under section 11 (registration question is blank at
- Under item 16, explain that this PAR has been split off from 11e and why.
- Answer all questions under section 11 (registration question is blank at
- Under item 16, explain that 11i has been split off from this PAR and why.
Tony Jeffrey

Roger Marks
(1) P802.11e, is "an update to an existing PAR". Therefore, the form
is supposed to "Indicate changes/rationale for revised PAR in Item
#16" {as mentioned under Item #5a}. It doesn't. I think there needs
to be an explanation so that NesCom will understand the change. A
shortened version of the explanation in the email ballot would be
(2) On P802.11i, my personal opinion is that the Purpose statement
should stop after the first sentence ("To enhance the current 802.11
MAC to Provide improvements in security"). The second sentence (that
increased security "will expand the application space for 802.11 to
include mobile and nomadic access applications") doesn't sound to me
like an accurate description of the purpose.

>Issue Date: 9Apr2001Closing Date: 23Apri2001
>Moved By: Stuart Kerry  Seconded By: Bob Heile
>Move: Approve Split of 802.11e PARs into 802.11e and 802.11i.
>At the Thursday SEC meeting, we made the following motion:
>Motion to conduct a 14 day SEC email ballot to decide whether to:
>forward 802.11e PAR to NesCom
>forward 802.11i PAR to NesCom
>forward covering letter regarding 802.11e and 802.11i to NesCom. 15
>8/0/2 Approved
>The two PARs and Five Criterion are attached below.
>Reason For PAR Split:
>The IEEE 802.11 Task Group e PAR covers two broad items, enhancements to
>802.11 security and enhancements to 802.11 Quality of Service (QOS).
>Therefore, it is proposed to split this effort into: 802.11e Enhancements
>IEEE 802.11 Quality of Service and 802.11i Enhancements to IEEE 802.11
>Security. This will allow the work to progress independently and get done
>an increased schedule. The increased schedule is needed based on market
>needs for improved security. The market need arrived from publicized
>weakness to the currently defined security, defined in 802.11.