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Re: [802SEC] Update:+++ IEEE 802 BALLOT: Split the 802.11 PARs

--Paul Nikolich

At 03:19 PM 4/19/01 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Update: Ballots due by 23April. I believe all suggested changes will be
>Bob O'Hara -  Approve
>Bob Grow -
>Paul Nikolich -
>Buzz Rigsbee -
>Vic Hayes - Approve
>Tony Jeffree - Approve if comments accepted
>Geoff Thompson -
>Bob Love -
>Stuart Kerry - Approve
>Bob Heile - Approve
>Roger Marks - Approve with comments
>Mike Takefman -
>Jim Carlo - Chair
>Topny Jeffree
>I approve, subject to the following being addressed:
>- Answer all questions under section 11 (registration question is blank at
>- Under item 16, explain that this PAR has been split off from 11e and why.
>- Answer all questions under section 11 (registration question is blank at
>- Under item 16, explain that 11i has been split off from this PAR and why.
>Tony Jeffrey
>Roger Marks
>(1) P802.11e, is "an update to an existing PAR". Therefore, the form
>is supposed to "Indicate changes/rationale for revised PAR in Item
>#16" {as mentioned under Item #5a}. It doesn't. I think there needs
>to be an explanation so that NesCom will understand the change. A
>shortened version of the explanation in the email ballot would be
>(2) On P802.11i, my personal opinion is that the Purpose statement
>should stop after the first sentence ("To enhance the current 802.11
>MAC to Provide improvements in security"). The second sentence (that
>increased security "will expand the application space for 802.11 to
>include mobile and nomadic access applications") doesn't sound to me
>like an accurate description of the purpose.
>>Issue Date: 9Apr2001Closing Date: 23Apri2001
>>Moved By: Stuart Kerry  Seconded By: Bob Heile
>>Move: Approve Split of 802.11e PARs into 802.11e and 802.11i.
>>At the Thursday SEC meeting, we made the following motion:
>>Motion to conduct a 14 day SEC email ballot to decide whether to:
>>forward 802.11e PAR to NesCom
>>forward 802.11i PAR to NesCom
>>forward covering letter regarding 802.11e and 802.11i to NesCom. 15
>>8/0/2 Approved
>>The two PARs and Five Criterion are attached below.
>>Reason For PAR Split:
>>The IEEE 802.11 Task Group e PAR covers two broad items, enhancements to
>>802.11 security and enhancements to 802.11 Quality of Service (QOS).
>>Therefore, it is proposed to split this effort into: 802.11e Enhancements
>>IEEE 802.11 Quality of Service and 802.11i Enhancements to IEEE 802.11
>>Security. This will allow the work to progress independently and get done
>>an increased schedule. The increased schedule is needed based on market
>>needs for improved security. The market need arrived from publicized
>>weakness to the currently defined security, defined in 802.11.