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RE: [802SEC] PASS: +++ RIP FR - Exec 30 day Ballot

Bob -

Looks great so far - the only thing missing is to add the wording of the 
motion we passed to the top of the FRD document itself, so we have a record 
of why the document is now obsolete.


At 21:50 25/04/2001 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:
>The archive and obsolete documents page is now up.  It is reached form the
>802 home page (  I would appreciate it if you would take a
>look and let me know if it is what you desired.
>  -Bob
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>Behalf Of Tony Jeffree
>Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2001 2:03 AM
>Cc: IEEE802
>Subject: Re: [802SEC] PASS: +++ RIP FR - Exec 30 day Ballot
>Jim -
>I believe that this is a job for the 802 LMSC Webmaster (presumably Bob
>O'Hara these days) in collaboration with the 802.11 Webmaster. Currently,
>the FRD is in HTML format, courtesy of Vic Hayes, and is located at:
>which seems to be on the 802.11 website.  Access to it from the 802 LMSC
>website is via a weblink on the "802 Procedural Documents" page
>(, which in turn, is
>reached from the 802 home page via a link marked "IEEE 802 Operating Rules
>and Other Documents".
>I believe what needs to be done is fairly simple, as follows:
>1) Add a new link to the 802 home page, labelled "IEEE 802 archived and
>obsolete documents", pointing to a new page created for this
>purpose.  Create the new page, with a suitable heading & an introductory
>para indicating that the documents listed on the page are archived copies
>of obsolete documents, which will be deleted after the archive period
>indicated for each one.
>2) Take a copy of the FRD from its current location on the 802.11 website,
>and edit it to include the Exec motion at the top of the first page. Create
>a link to this page on the new "IEEE 802 archived and obsolete documents"
>page, indicating that the document will be archived for a period of 5
>years, after which time it will be deleted.
>3) Delete the link to the FRD from the existing "802 Procedural Documents"
>4) Delete the FRD page from the 802.11 website.
>At 21:01 24/04/2001 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
> >PASS: Tony, please consider where the FR should be archived, and put a note
> >in the text with this motion below that this PRD is no longer an 802
> >standing document.
> >
> >9-0-1 (one person did not vote)
> >Bob O'Hara - Abstain
> >Bob Grow - Approve (reluctantly) with comment
> >Paul Nikolich - Approve
> >Buzz Rigsbee - Approve
> >Vic Hayes - Approve
> >Tony Jeffree - Approve
> >Geoff Thompson -
> >Stuart Kerry - Approve
> >Bob Heile - Approve
> >Roger Marks - Approve
> >Mike Takefman - Approve
> >Jim Carlo - Chair
> >
> >Comments
> >I still find some material in the FR that I don't believe is documented
> >elsewhere for a number of our Working Groups.  Unfortunately, the relevant
> >information is overwhelmed by redundant, outdated and misleading
> >information. --Bob Grow
> >
> >
> >-----Original Message-----
> >From: []On
> >Behalf Of Tony Jeffree
> >Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 5:17 PM
> >To:
> >Subject: RIP FR - Exec 30 day Ballot
> >
> >At the Thursday Exec meeting, we approved putting the following motion to a
> >30-day Exec letter ballot:
> >
> >"The SEC considers that ongoing maintenance of the 802 Functional
> >Requirements document is no longer required, given that its useful content
> >has now been documented elsewhere.  Therefore, the SEC no longer considers
> >the FRD to be an 802 standing document, and deprecates its use. The FRD is
> >to be archived on the IEEE 802 website for the next five years, along with
> >a record of this motion; after that time, the document is to be deleted."
> >
> >Please consider this ballot to have started as of the date of this message;
> >the closing date is therefore Saturday 21st April.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Tony