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RE: [802SEC] Re:


Search for "Power Line Communications" - there are
1.330.000 hits.  Many references are to be found to standards and standards
development efforts relating to data transmission over power lines.  One
citation, early in the list of millions, references ANSI/EIA Standard
709.2-A-2000 Control Network Powerline (PL) Channel Specification which may
contain useful information.

There was a plan to present a tutorial on Power Line Communications at the
November 1999 IEEE 802 meeting.  I do not know if this actually transpired
but the IEEE 802 Executive Committee sponsor was the IEEE 802 Chair, Jim
Carlo( -- he may be able to point you to the tutorial
presenters and/or presentation collateral.

There has been a lot of interest in using building power lines (and
distribution power lines too) for data communication since the 1970s or
earlier.  Such a system, targeted towards building security and
environmental control combined with an in-building intercom and paging
system, was widely marketed in the US and Canada in 1977.  It was a marginal
commercial success, due to the cost of isolating the data circuitry from the
power line in a manner that would pass the safety requirements for UL and
CSA certificates and the resulting relatively high system price.

Good luck with your project.

John Montague

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Dear Sofia

IEEE 802 has never had a project of this sort. I can't identify any 
standards groups that have. That certainly doesn't mean there aren't any.

Take a look at the web site the HomePlug Powerline Alliance 

That should be closer to where you want to hit.

Good luck

Geoff Thompson

At 07:59 PM 6/7/01 +0000, sofia skreka wrote:
>     I am student in BEng  Electronics in the University of Coventry. For 
> my final year project requirement, I got to design and build a AC mains 
> modem for transmitting of either digital or analog data through normal 
> domestic power lines.
>     I am looking for circuit designs and implementation techniques for
>     I would like to emphasize that this is purely for academic purposes 
> and of no commercial intend.
>    If the above are not deem suitable to be released to me, I would 
> appreciate any links or tips on where I can get more information on the 
> topic. I really hope you can help me in this, as is been very tough on my 
> research work so far.
>         Thank you for your time.
>Sofia Skreka