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[802SEC] Re:

Dear All,

In CY2002, any executive who brought his company's bottom line
in at a 1% surplus over the CY forecast would have received accolades,
and would have been a hero on Wall Street. Witness the fact that no
executive is willing to look beyond the next quarter, and that their
"guidance" for the next quarter is always vague at best. Beating a one
year budget by 1% is a major accomplishment in this economy.

My congratulations to all of the volunteers and staff members who made
the Get IEEE 802 program a resounding success in 2002!

Howard Frazier wrote:

>Below are the unaudited financials for the 2002 Get IEEE 802 (tm) program.
>Overall we ended the year pretty much on our adjusted target ($540.8 versus
>$533.7).  I have also included the 2003 approved budget to keep in mind.
>The November 802 plenary contribution of $65.1 gets us off to a good 2003
>start.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  See you in February
>with the eo January 2003 report.
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