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[802SEC] Re: Fw: SLR Invitation to ballot on P260.1-SCC14

Because virtually all of our standards involve Quantities, Units and 
Letter Symbols,
I strongly encourage members of the LMSC to join the ballot pool for SCC14
standards.  At the very least, I would hope that each WG in 802 can find 
some one
who is willing to join the ballot pool.

Howard Frazier

Paul Nikolich wrote:

>Dear SEC members,
>Please pass this note along to your Group members as they may be interested
>in joining the SCC14 Standards Coordinating Committee 14 on Quantities,
>Units and Letter Symbols.
>--Paul Nikolich
>IEEE 802 LMSC Chairman
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>From: <>
>To: <>; <>
>Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 3:39 PM
>Subject: SLR Invitation to ballot on P260.1-SCC14
>>Dear IEEE Standards Sponsor Chair/Working Group Chair:
>>We would like to bring to your attention the creation of a new entry on
>>IEEE ballot pool sign-up form:  SCC14. The name of SCC14 Standards
>>Coordinating Committee
>>14/Quantities Units and Letter Symbols and its scope of activity is:
>>Studies questions regarding quantities, units and systems of measurement;
>>prepares recommendations and standards on these matters; and provides
>>current information on quantities and units to all organizations preparing
>>IEEE Standards.
>>SCC14 maintains the American National Standard for Metric Practice, and
>>all IEEE entities on questions regarding metric practices and the
>>application of the
>>International System of Units (SI).
>>You can find the ballot pool sign-up form at
>>SCC14, as one of the Standards Coordinating Committees of the IEEE,
>>represents an activity of broad interest to multiple IEEE Societies.
>>The availability of SCC14 on the ballot pool sign-up form further
>>facilitates its efforts in the areas of IEEE standardization.
>>Please note that SCC14 currently has one project that it is open
>>for invitation. Due to the timing of this invitation, we attach
>>it below. Please forward it to standards volunteers who might be
>>interested in this ballot, and encourage them to sign up for future
>>SCC14 ballots by using the sign-up form.
>>Thank you for your assistance and participation in this activity,
>>                              Invitation to Ballot
>>                         ====================
>>The Standards Coordinating Committee 14 (SCC14) on Quantities, Units and
>>Letter Symbols
>>invite you to ballot on the following:
>>Title: P260.1 Revision:  Letter Symbols for Units of Measurement
>>(SI* Units, Customary Inch-Pound Units, and Certain Other
>>Scope: The standard covers letter symbols for units of measurement.
>> The symbols given are intended for all applications,
>>including use in text and equations, in graphs and diagrams,
>>and on panels, labels, and nameplates.
>>Purpose: The existing standard on unit symbols will be updated to
>>conform to recent international recommendations, and the
>>section on limited-character sets will be revised to include
>>recommendations that are applicable for e-mail.
>>If you are interested in participating in this electronic ballot, you must
>>respond by 2003-02-06, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
>>Instructions for responding to this electronic Invitation to Ballot
>>This Invitation to Ballot is to advise you that a Sponsor Ballot will
>>be conducted in the near future on the existing or proposed Standard
>>that is referenced in the Title above.  The IEEE Standards Association
>>is seeking to determine whether you wish to participate in this
>>Sponsor Ballot.
>>1. Review the Title, Scope, and Purpose above to determine the subject
>>   matter of the Standard.
>>2. If you are *NOT interested* in participating in the Sponsor Ballot
>>   of this Standard, simply discard this e-mail.  No further action is
>>   required on your part.
>>3. If you *ARE interested* in participating in the Ballot, you must
>>   respond by filling out the web-based form at
>>Your Classification refers to your relationship to the subject matter of
>>this specific document (e.g., are you a User of this technology?).  If you
>>have a combination of interests (e.g., I am both a User and a Producer of
>>this technology), then you should select the General Interest
>>classification.  Other classifications may be added to meet RevCom
>>requirements of balance.
>>You must be a current IEEE-SA member to ballot, or pay a per-ballot fee.
>>Information on joining the IEEE Standards Association can be found at
>>To participate, you must have access to the World Wide Web to submit a
>>vote and comments, and to download the draft.  The draft is posted in
>>Adobe "PDF" document format and can be viewed online, or it can be
>>downloaded and printed if desired.  You will need a copy of Adobe's
>>Acrobat Reader (3.0 or higher) to view or print the draft. If you do not
>>have the program, it is freely available from Adobe at
>>Obligations and Responsibilities of Balloters
>>If you choose to participate in this electronic ballot, once the ballot
>>opens you will be provided the URLs for the subject document and the
>>ballot form.  You will typically have 30 days to review the document and
>>return the ballot with your vote.  The IEEE requires that a minimum of
>>75% of the balloting group return their ballots for the ballot to be
>>valid.  As such, by agreeing to participate in this ballot you have an
>>*obligation* to respond.
>>Failure to return a completed ballot may cause your name to be removed
>>from the Invitation to Ballot list (i.e., the balloting pool), precluding
>>your receiving Invitations to participate in future Sponsor Ballots.
>>NOTE:  This obligation to respond described above does *not* apply to
>>Recirculation Ballots (an additional ballot of a document you have
>>previously voted on).  You only need to respond to a Recirculation Ballot
>>if you wish to change your initial vote.  If you do not respond to a
>>Recirculation Ballot, your last recorded vote will be carried forward.
>>The names of all voters will be listed in the front matter of the standard
>>when it is published.  No contact information or how you voted will be
>>included.  The paragraph above the balloting group listed will state: "The
>>following members of the balloting group voted on this standard.
>>may have voted for approval, disapproval, or abstention."
>>Any question regarding this e-mail should be sent to the
>>IEEE-SA Balloting Center at
>>IEEE Balloting Center
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