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The IEEE reflector does have the ability to filter on various parameters
such as address or text in the message. Occasionally something slips through
onto the 802.3 reflector but our diligent vice-chair David Law adds filters
to the reflector so it doesn't keep happening. IEEE can help but someone on
the Exec would have to take responsibility for deciding what should be
filtered. That person also receives the bounced messages because
occasionally a legitimate message gets bounced because it contains a
suspicious word and someone needs to check and forward to the reflector the
incorrectly bounced messages.


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SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM (and the English amongst us will understand this...)


Unfortunately, this is now not only a problem restricted to the 802 Exec
reflector. Now it occurring on the dot 11 ( and dot 15
( reflectors too, and can only get worse as time
expands. The computer generators are going through sequence after sequence
down the DNS / IP chain, and will inevitably infect us all.


- Stuart J. Kerry
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WG

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Now this is truly 100% SPAM, and once it starts, it goes on and on.
I still recommend we restrict this list to Post-by-Members-Only, with
the clearly communicated option that any 802 member who believes
he has a messages that needs to go to the whole SEC can send it to
his chair for forwarding as appropriate.  End of problem.
Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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Seattle, WA  98324-2207
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