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[802SEC] P802.3ag report under Procedure 10

Members of the Exec:

This is a report on P802.3ag which I am forwarding to Sponsor Ballot:

IEEE Draft P802.3ag Rev/D2.0
Revision to:
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)
Access Method & Physical Layer Specifications:
Maintenance Ballot #6

History of P802.3ag

Draft 1.0	WG Ballot Draft
	Package of 21 Maintenance Change Requests
	Opened:	October 7, 2000
	Closed:	November 8, 2000
	Response rate:		59.3%
	Comments received:	21
		3	Tech Req'd
		10	Tech
		8	Editorial
	(Also 1 non-voter ballot w/ 3 TR & 1 T)

Draft 1.1	WG Ballot Recirculation #1
	Opened:	December 29, 2000
	Closed:	January 12, 2001

Required 2nd recirculation.

Draft 1.2	WG Ballot Recirculation #2
	Opened:	March 9, 2001
	Closed:	March 24, 2001

Remove Change Request # 1037.
The change as proposed is technically flawed (as expressed in a technical 
comment) and is being removed from the package for rework. It or its 
successor will be added back into the next maintenance ballot package.

The rest of the changes (21 of them) all have unanimous approval and are 
being forwarded to Sponsor Ballot as D2.0

The actual vote count at the close of the 2nd recirculation (not counting 
CR# 1037) stands as:
	241	Voters
	147	Ballots returned
	61.0%	Return rate
	106	Approval
	0	Approve with comments
	0	Disapprove
	41	Abstain
	100%	Approval rate
	27.9%	Abstain rate

In March there was an 802 Exec motion for conditional forwarding:
Conditionally approve forwarding P802.3ag Rev to Sponsor Ballot upon
successful completion of WG Recirculation Ballot
M: G.Thompson/ S: B.Grow		10/0/0 Approved PASSED

This is being reported Under Procedure 10 of the LMSC Operating Rules
7. The Working Group Chair shall immediately report the results of the 
ballot to the SEC
including: the date the ballot closed, vote tally and comments associated 
with any remaing
disapproves (valid and invalid), the Working Group responses and the 
rationale for ruling any
vote invalid.

I believe the conditions have been satisfied and I am asking Balloting 
Service to proceed with LMSC Ballot.

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| Chair IEEE 802.3                        |
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