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[802SEC] Example from another standards group (SCTE) how they 'control' use of their identification/mark


Coincidentally coming on the heels of our trademark discussions with IEEE, I
received today a note from the SCTE which describes the their policy when it
comes to claims of conformance and assocation.    Their policy appears to be
light-weight and reasonable to me.  I would be interested in your opinions.
Maybe IEEE should consider a similar approach?


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>DVS / DSS Members,
>Please note the following e-mail from Steve Oksala, SCTE.
>To: SCTE Participants
>We have had several queries about the use of references to SCTE in
>advertising and other materials.  Attached please find a policy on the
>subject.  If there are any questions, please let me know.
>Steve Oksala
>Stephen P. Oksala
>Vice President, Standards
>Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
>140 Philips Road, Exton, PA 19341
>Phone: 610-524-1725 ext. 204
Claims of Conformance and Association

SCTE does not test products for compliance with its standards, and does not
authorize anyone else to do so.  Claims by manufacturers of conformance
represent the statements of those manufacturers and are in no way endorsed
by SCTE.   Statements by manufacturers that suggest such an endorsement are
not allowed.

Similarly, indications of membership in SCTE standards committees on
business cards or similar media does not imply any endorsement by SCTE of
the companies or their products and services.   Any reference must be to
the SCTE Standards Program or to a specific committee, to avoid the
implication that the organization is a member of SCTE itself.   (Individual
SCTE members are allowed to identifiy themselves as such on business cards
consistent with the SCTE logo policy.)

The use of the SCTE logo is governed by the SCTE Logo Usage Rules.  The
details of these rules are available at  The use of the logo in
conjunction with product claims is not allowed.

Within these guidelines, SCTE has no objection to claims of product
conformance or standards program membership.