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Re: [802SEC] +++Approve Response to FCC FNPRM

From Paul Nikolch Approve with comment.

I have a few editorial comments:

1a) section 1.4 IEEE 802.11 does not explicitly define 802.11g as the
"additional radio entity for higher than 20Mbps data rates in the 2.4GHz
band" project, yet the term 802.11g is used in at least 2 places later in
the document (section 2.1).  Please explicity define 802.11g.
1b) similarly in section 1.4 IEEE 802.15 should explicitly define the
802.15.1, 802.15.2, 802.15.3, 802.15.4 projects.

2) section 2.1, paragraph 1.  Typo; 801.11 should be 802.11


At 07:11 PM 7/15/01 -0700, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Issue date: 15Jul2001Closing Date: 28Jul2001
>Moved By: Roger Marks
>Second By: Vic Hayes
>Move: to submit document RR-01-012 as Comments to FNPRM 99-231. Objects
>between square brackets are subject to change to reflect the reality.
>Document RR-01-012 r0 contains the items between square brackets, worked out
>according to the actions taken in the WGs and the SEC. It also has taken the
>effect of the dot15 amendment into consideration. Revision marks can be made
>visible.This is the version that will be submitted by Vic Hayes and I (note
>both Vic and I will send the document together - I will add my coordinates).
>The attached zip file contains document 11-01-391 r7. This is the version
>according to the motion to amend made in dot 15
>Wireless working group Chairs are expected to poll their groups on these
>comments within 10 days.
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