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[802SEC] Do we operate under our own rules, or not (again)

Since I didn't see any traffic on this previously, I will post it again to
see if it is any more successful this time.


Now that the 802.11g fiasco is behind us by a day or two, would you quote
from the 802.11 operating rules exactly where you derived the authority to
craft a motion, without a second, and send it to the WG for 5-day email
ballot?  My personal opinion is that there is no authority for such an
action in our rules.  Thus, the 5-day ballot and the current 40-day ballot
on TGg are both in violation of the operating rules of 802.11.

I believe that it is crucial that we operate under the EXISTING operating
rules.  If there are areas of the rules that cause some chafing, then there
are procedures defined within the operating rules, to modify the rules.
Those procedures are lengthy, to prevent changing the rules frivolously.
Just because something appears to be popular, or has several large companies
with vested interests pushing for it, is not a reason to operate in
violation of the rules.  

I would like to discuss this on the SEC reflector, because I think that the
experience of the other members of the SEC can provide some valuable insight
into how issues of this type have been dealt with in the past.


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