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RE: [802SEC] +++SEC Ballot: Rules change for Wireless PARs+++


I vote DISAPPROVE on the Wireless PAR rules change.


1) Delete 'wireless' in 6.4.d
Both wireless and wired standards need to be concerned with conformity to
regulatory rules.  They both need to be concerned with spectrum sharing.

2) Regulatory conformance and spectrum sharing are two different items.
Perhaps spectrum sharing should be part of 6.2 Compatibility?  We can expand
the scope of 'Interworking Documents' to include 'Coexistance Documents'.
The problem is we don't have a document to reference that provides a good
definition of coexistance yet.  This is something that I think a TAG should
be formed to resolve via a Recommended Practice or Guideline.  We should
also keep in mind that both WIRED and WIRELESS projects need to be concerned
about spectrum sharing and coexistance.  For example in the WIRED case, EFM
signals traveling over wire pairs in a twisted pair bundle must coexist with
the other signals resident in the other wire pairs.

3) Delete the footnote

Recommended wording:

6.4.d) compliance with existing regulatory rules

6.2)--no specific wording comes to mind at this time.  IF we had a
'Coexistance Guideline' it could be added to the end of the second sentence:
"All standards shall be in conformance with the IEEE 802.1 Architecture,
Management, and Interworking documents as follows: 802 Overview and
Architecture, 802.1D, 802.1Q, parts of 802.1f AND MEET THE 802TAG


Paul Nikolich