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RE: [802SEC] +++SEC Ballot: Rules change for Wireless PARs+++


With regards to the Wireless PARs SEC Ballot, unfortunately I will have to vote Disapprove on the following grounds:

As with Tony's position I do agree in the spirit of it that I think it would be useful. Unfortunately we in 802 standards do have multiple radio systems operating now in the same band, and soon to have more, apart from those systems that have not be
standardized by IEEE as well. This will lead to each effecting each other as a fact of life. Whereby it is true that a large number will be operating in un-cohabitate environments, the others must have a mechanism or realization that they will degrade
each others performances under finite conditions. IEEE 15.2 has defined a means of modeling this, but has not defined the model of acceptance for co-existence, only possible scenarios. What I believe is an acceptance policy that all published 802 wireless
standards should meet today, and for future standards.



At 11:51 AM 1/24/02 +0000, Hayes, Vic (Vic) wrote:
>Dear SEC,
>Per the motion passed at the November 2001 meeting, attached you will
>find the proposal for the IEEE 802 Rules change to require an
>additional item for item to be addressed in PARs regarding spectrum and
>co-existence for e-mail ballot. In addition, you will find the
>collection of comments received to a call for comments from the .1, .3,
>.11, .15 and .16 reflectors. The ballot opened January 24, 8 AM EDT and
>closes February 10 5pm EDT. As the SEC appointed me as the driver of
>the rules change, I respectfully request that you send your vote to me.
>   <<RR-02-011r0_Comments-on-SEC-PARs.doc>>
>Vic Hayes
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